Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) English Page

Teikyo University and Teikyo Junior College at Hachiouji campus have established the Center for Teaching and Learning to improve student learning.


We aim to improve student learning by:

  • Promoting faculty development
  • Researching and implementing new teaching methods
  • Improving curriculum design
  • Promoting student engagement in learning

Faculty development

Faculty development is based on the spirit of the founder of Teikyo University and the University’s unique educational philosophy and principles. We are here to support the purposes and work of the faculty, departments, and graduate departments. In collaboration with faculty, staff, and students, CTL assists with continuous reviews of individual classroom teaching styles, curriculum development, and the overall educational environment at Teikyo University.


CTL offers the following programs—

1. Forums for Faculty Development

Offered 3 times during the year—June, September, March
June—Teikyo University faculty and staff share information and ideas and come to a common understanding about improving teaching the learning at our university.
September—Open forum with an invited keynote speaker where faculty, staff, and students from other universities are welcome to attend.
March—Departments present results of faculty improvement efforts.

2. Workshops and Lectures

Throughout the year, the following workshops and lectures are offered:

  • Improving teaching skills
  • Developing teaching portfolios
  • Lectures on current topics in higher education

3. Collaborations, consultations, and workshops

Customized upon request to assist faculty, departments, and graduate schools development committees.